There’s big buzz about circular economies these days. The idea that we need to eliminate a linear take — make — waste production system. In this post, we help outline what a circular economy is and why it’s rooted in biomimetic thinking.

First, let’s start by defining what a circular…

Life is cyclical. As it grows, it eventually decays. As it lives, it must also die. And it is through this cycle of release that things can be reconfigured and regenerated.

As part of our submission to the Lagi Fly Ranch 2020 submission, we propose a design that is a…

Biomimicry goes beyond looking at the natural world for design inspiration.

Biomimicry is about learning to harness the genius of nature.

Biomimicry connects us to a library of time-tested ideas that will teach us how to thrive on this planet.

The best way to engage with this textbook? Start by…

Biomimicry Frontiers

Biomimicry Frontiers is focused on sustainability consulting and strategic planning. We work to create resilient solutions through the application of biomimicry

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